People that buy at Inglenook are innovative, creative and determined.  They insist on more than a low-cost, “big box” house where their home is just like the one next door. They’re turned-off by designs that are less than thoughtful.  They want something different.

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Most of the neighborhood developments across America are collections of individual houses, each an island to itself, with little real connection among neighbors.  A Pocket Neighborhood is just the opposite.

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Not only do I hear baby boomers and families describe cottage homes as as “Cute”, but young marrieds and singles do too – only they use the word “Cool”.  And that’s not all.  After they get beyond “Cute” and “Cool”, they’re amazed by how a Cottage Home “Lives so big”.

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As I think about it now, it was growing up in a small mid-western town that started my romance with Pocket Neighborhoods.  Now, I try to share my passion with anyone that wants to listen.

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When I first thought about building Inglenook and the cottage homes, the only way I could describe them was cute.  Since then, my thoughts have grown.

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Architect Ross Chapin points out, “A porch’s magic comes from the way it’s both private and public, belonging to the household while being open to a passerby.”

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I often think back to the little town where I grew up.  Back when each summer day seemed to last forever.  I remember sitting on the porch with my friends planning

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